What We Do

With our state of the art test and diagnostic equipment we can restore your injectors as if they were new.

Dirty Pintle
Clean Pintle

The following process is performed on your injector once it is received:

  1. The injectors are checked for external cracks and or damage.
  2. The injector are run through a series of spray pattern test and recorded.
  3. The injectors are placed in an ultrasonic cleaning bath.
  4. The injectors are operated to clean them internally.
  5. The injectors are tested for spray pattern and atomization.
  6. The injectors are tested for flow pattern and flow rate volume. The results are recorded and compared to see if the injector flow properly.
  7. If the injectors fail, continued cleaning sessions will be done until it is 100%.
  8. Once cleaning is finalized, new O-rings and new filters are installed. However, some filters are not replaceable(but cleaned) such as newer Yamaha and Bosch. Side feed injectors’ filters are cleaned during process.
  9. A Service diagnostic flow sheet is prepared and shipped with the injector.